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Disassembly: Take a look inside the OnePlus 10 Pro

The OnePlus 10 Professional is now 7 days outdated and promoting smartly in China. Seeing how it is topping our reputation charts we consider other people outdoor of China are clamoring for the flagship to succeed in them.

However whilst we wish to do just a little of additional ready, here is a disassembly video of the OnePlus 10 Professional that is one section instruction into how you can exchange an element if wanted, and one section the natural pleasure of seeing the smartly organized innards of the telephone.

As an example, listed here are the 3 primary digital camera sensors – the large 48MP primary digital camera, the 8MP telephoto sharing a connector with it, and the 50MP ultrawide that is by itself.

And this is the total video. The reviewer gave OnePlus a 6/10 for repairability at the 10 Professional, which is set par for the route with trendy telephones.

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